How to Know When You’ve Reached Success

How do you know when you've reached success?

I’m very lucky to have quite a few awesome friends. I want to introduce you to several of them. NOTE: These are not their real names or photos because they don’t know I’m writing this and well, you know … not everyone wants their life displayed online. Amy – A professional career woman from the…

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The 5 Elements to a High Performing Promotion

The 5 Elements to a High Performing Sales Promotion

Seriously? After waiting three months for the restock of our ribbon inventory, we open the first box to find … neon pink?!? This is not a color we stock nor would we ever. What the *#*#*#*? Let me back up a bit. For one of my businesses, The Ribbon Print Company, we have our own…

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Challenges & Changes

Challenges and Channges - How to Prevent Yourself from Stalling

It’s 5:15 in the morning and the alarm goes off. Whether it’s summer and the birds are chirping or it’s winter and there’s a blizzard, it never gets easier to go spinning so early. The bed is warm and cozy. Nobody is going to know if I hit snooze. I won’t be late for work…

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