Challenges & Changes

Challenges and Channges - How to Prevent Yourself from Stalling

It’s 5:15 in the morning and the alarm goes off. Whether it’s summer and the birds are chirping or it’s winter and there’s a blizzard, it never gets easier to go spinning so early. The bed is warm and cozy. Nobody is going to know if I hit snooze. I won’t be late for work…

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I Bet You’re Lying to Yourself

I bet you're lying to yourself!

Got your attention didn’t I? So you feel better let me say that, with very few exceptions, we all lie to ourselves. We’re brought up to be honest. Always tell the truth. Say it like it is in a sympathetic and caring way. So why don’t we follow this direction when talking to ourselves? We…

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Looks Matter: 3 Ways to Use This to Your Advantage

We all wish it weren’t true. Initial impressions create judgements that will affect how people interact with us. How we look matters. It’s as simple and unfair as that. Let’s acknowledge this natural tendency and then use it to work in our favor. Looks are subjective. Someone may be “off the charts” stunning to one…

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