001 – The power of taking action with Brendan Hufford of Entrepreneurs and Coffee

Brendan-HuffordBrendan is a high school assistant principal by day and runs two other businesses by night. First there is Ok! Kimonos, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clothing brand sold online and supported by two blogs. And he is the host of Entrepreneurs and Coffee, a business focused podcast and his newest passion. While this seems like a full life, his faith and family are what he holds most dear.

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Business Inspiration

Brendan walked a path that started with the passion for Jiu Jitsu combined with his love for teaching. Along the way he identified a need in the industry that he wanted to fill and started a blog. He was surprised to find that his interest in overall business was even greater and that has led to his podcast supporting and training entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s not a single moment of inspiration, it’s a journey. [6:33]

A Candle Flickering Moment

Going into business with a friend and a handshake was a bad plan. The importance of getting agreements down on paper either as a legal document or an MOU is so important. [20:17]

Business Building Insight

Focus on the power of taking action regardless of fear, doubt or a less than perfect product. [12:15]

Success Trait

Entrepreneurial DNA – being wired to hustle and grind – learned through nurture and nature. [24:10]

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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