185 – Greetings! Get Your Ideas Out to the World with Adam Donato of Card Isle

Episode 185-  The greeting card industry hasn’t really seen anything new in the last 50 years … except for the cards that play music when they’re opened.

Card Isle is a company, founded by three engineers, that changes that. They’ve captured all the magic that comes from a tangible greeting card and made it easier to find that perfect card.

Whether you run an e-commerce shop, take most of your orders over the phone or have a brick & mortar store, Card Isle sets you up with more selection than a Hallmark store. It also eliminates the headache of guessing what card designs will sell.

Business Building Insights

  • Adam is an entrepreneur because he likes creating and doing things others haven’t done.
  • Go out and talk to customers to understand what problems they are facing. Find out what needs to be solved.
  • Meet people where they are already.
  • Take direction on your next steps from people using your product.
  • Getting the right partner makes a big difference. It must be someone you can count on and trust.
  • In a company there should be a hierarchy. There needs to be one CEO, someone who will make the tough decisions.
  • At the end of the day it’s the execution that matters. It’s how you take an idea and turn it into something real and tangible.
  • There’s a culture to help each other in the world of entrepreneurs.
  • Find a mentor who can help you be successful.

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