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Dr. ShawneDuperonEpisode 047 – From London, to Athens, to Munich, to across North America, Dr. Shawne Duperon, a six-time EMMY® Award winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is a good gossip researcher. She travels the globe, educating corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies on what inspires people to share good things and how to powerfully lead with compassion.

Her case study is Project: Forgive, a non-profit leadership foundation that reaches millions in social media.

You have seen her featured in major media including, CNN, ABC, “Inc. Magazine,” and “USA Today” to name a few.

This PhD in gossip (yes, gossip!) used gossip theory to make Project: Forgive’s five-minute video go viral, even capturing an endorsement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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Gossip in Business

A new definition for the word Gossip [3:47]
Good gossip – an example in business [4:19]

A Candle Flickering Moment – Facing Fear

Fear’s role [6:11]
Shawne’s recent action to face her own fear [8:21]
It’s just like a fart! [10:22]

Business Building Insight – Addressing Anger

What about anger? [18:24]
Challenges from being molested as a child [15:03]
How to deal with anger in your business [20:22]
A current situation and how Shawne manages her emotion [21:29]

Project: Forgive

The impactful story behind Project: Forgive [11:55]
The video that went viral

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Project: Forgive

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