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296 – ADHD Tendencies and How to Focus on Things that Matter with Shaun Roney

Tips To Focus On What Matters with Shaun RoneyModern life offers plenty of distractions, but if we want to move forward, we need to focus. If you struggle with focus, overwhelm, and stress, tune in to today’s episode for tips to focus on the things that matter – in your business and in life.

As a Life Coach, Shaun educates to increase awareness as well as coaches clients to help uncover obstacles that may be causing overwhelm and stress.

Certified through The Life Coach School, and the International ADHD Coach Training Center, she helps clients reduce stress by learning how to better manage their minds. She’s driven by the desire to help neurodivergent minds access their brilliance.

As a creative serial entrepreneur, she’s owned a dance studio, a furniture repurposing business, and created a product TwinkleTies, before becoming a Coach.

As an introverted extrovert, she’ll stay home and read or hit the town and boogie down with the best of them. Her favorite ways to spend time are reading and playing board games, or spending time outside with her adult children, husband, and their dogs Miso and Mojo.

How To Manage Business Stress

  • Listen in for the initial conversation about what ‘ADHD tendencies’ means and how it can be addressed. 
  • The way we think about stress affects our experience of it. What we choose to think about what’s happening creates or magnifies the feeling of stress.
  • When you feel stress because of what’s happening in your business (deadlines, delays, whatever) pause, take a breath, and notice the facts vs. what you’re thinking about it. What you choose to think can make the experience less or more stressful.
  • Be intentional. Decide on purpose what you want to think. Flip your own script. Instead of, “There are so many orders to fill! I’m so overwhelmed!” Think, “This is what I was hoping for! Our products are going to make so many people happy. We’ll put in some hard work and long hours but it will all be worth it in the end.
  • Actively focus on positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts.
  • Do things that support you to feel good like enjoying hot tea before you start your day, take a few minutes to step outside and feel the snow on your face, etc.
  • When you feel a positive emotion, it’s more likely that you can get a positive outcome and you will feel better about it.
  • Actively ask yourself, “How is what’s happening right now wonderful?” Your brain will find evidence to support that it is when you ask it to.
  • Listen to the full conversation for more!

Tips To Focus On What Matters

  • Creative brains may struggle to decide where to start. Just pick something and go.
  • Train your brain to just start. Set a timer for 10 minutes and commit to starting anywhere. If, when the timer goes off, you haven’t hit a rhythm or flow, give yourself permission to stop.
  • Hyperfocus is when you immerse yourself in something, everything feels easy, and you lose track of time. Learn to notice when this happens so other important things aren’t neglected.
  • Break big, daunting tasks down into pieces. In the first chunk of time you spend on it, give yourself the freedom to just explore what needs to be done (say, for an hour). “Play in the sandbox.” When you come back to it, you will have a better idea of where to go next.
  • Set tangible goals for each chunk of time you spend on the big task. Identify specifically what you will do – things that can be checked off as complete.
  • Plan ahead. You may be able to plan your whole week ahead. Or if that feels like too much, even creating a plan for the next day will help.
  • Don’t get stuck thinking there’s only one best choice. Thoughts create feelings. Change your thinking to, “What if they’re all the right choice?” Just pick one and adjust.
  • “Wrong” is totally subjective. You are the one who decides if a choice is right or wrong. Give yourself permission to make a choice and for it to be right.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for the decisions and choices you make. Trust and be kind to yourself.
  • Give yourself credit for doing things many others don’t have the courage to do.
  • Tune in for tons more on this PLUS the definition of an extroverted introvert!

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