138 -Your Stress Free Holiday Business Gifting Plan

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we’re so focused on getting gifts made and sold for our business, that remembering to do our own holiday business gifting is an after thought.

That’s dangerous and stressful because addressing this at the last minute leads to overspending and mis-aligned results.

You throw a list together in haste hoping you don’t forget someone. The gifts you find “will have to do” so at least you’re sending something. And it becomes a big chore when the intent was to extend sentiments of gratefulness and appreciation through your business gifts.

That can change this year. Here’s your plan.

The Holiday Business Gifting Plan

Why do you need a holiday gifting program in the first place? [2:52]

Step One

Determining a budget at the beginning eliminates overspending. [5:39]

Step Two

Breaking your gift recipients into three lists weights gift cost correctly. [7:13]
Employees – List One [7:26]
Vendors – List Two [8:02]
Customers – List Three [8:49]
When you have a lot of customers (good for you!) break them out into tiers. [9:27]

Step Three

Allocating dollar values to your lists and individual recipients gives you financial direction when searching for the right gift. [11:21]

Step Four

Here’s the stress relief part. Tracking your progress keeps you moving forward and knowing exactly when you’re done! [16:47]
Keeping a log also helps you progress faster with your holiday business gifting next year. [17:25]

Download Worksheets and Planners

The Holiday Business Gifting Plan
The Personal Holiday Gifting Worksheet
The Holiday Promo Planner from Episode 137

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  1. Michelle on December 2, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Thanks for the great tips, suggestions and work plans, Sue! Getting stuff done!

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