053 – Dealing with Rejection, the Value of Interns, and more with Jane Mosbacher Morris

Jane Mosbacher MorrisEpisode 053 – Jane is the founder of TO THE MARKET, a socially-inspired business that economically empowers vulnerable women through artisan enterprise. They work with over 25 co-ops in over 20 countries to design, source, and sell raw materials and finished products. These products range from home goods and jewelry to bags and baby gifts.

TO THE MARKET recently launched its first exclusive wholesale line, which allows retailers to purchase wholesale products through TO THE MARKET.

They’ve been featured in magazines such as Elle, Glamour, People, StyleWatch, Good Housekeeping, and Yoga Journal to name a few.

Motivational Quote

Jane Mosbacher Morris Inspiring Quote

Business Inspiration

An idea was born from a trip to Calcutta [3:46]
What Jane did and didn’t do when she formed the business [10:07]

Candle Flickering Moments

Dealing with her first sales rejection [23:19]

Business Building Insight

The reality of sales and how to deal with rejection [21:35]
Customization is HOT specially for corporate sales [19:10]
The best way to respond to a vendor when you won’t use their services [24:55]
Getting exposure for the business and analyzing their efforts [26:55]
All about interns – their value and how to work with them effectively  [31:28]

Success Trait

Jane has “dogged” persistance and will not give up easily on her ideas

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Boomerang – Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages.

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