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London-Kaye-HeadshotEpisode 045 – London Kaye is a classically trained dancer who discovered her passion for crochet at the age of thirteen. London received a dance scholarship to NYU and after graduation, dove into the local street-art scene. She began developing her signature style by crocheting on fences.

She has adorned the windows of ABC Carpet and Home and has recently crocheted pieces for major brands including Starbucks, Miller Lite, Chex Mix, and the TBS Network. According to Condé Nast Traveller, “London Kaye is the one to watch.”

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Business Inspiration

What is Yarn Bombing? [3:53]
How she got started [5:08]

A Candle Flickering Moment

When a neighborhood challenged her display [14:01]

Business Building Insight

London’s first paid job – NY Fashion Week [6:22]
Understanding the value of a handmade product [11:53]
A solid pricing strategy [12:40]
Building her business through Instagram [19:08]
Telling the story behind her work in Facebook [20:58]
Setting goals for moving forward [24:58]

Success Trait

Her passion for crochet has led her to this business and a life she loves.

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The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
David and Goliath. by Malcolm Gladwell

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