089 – POP! that Imposter Thinking with Mireya Esquivel of Round Like Me

mireya - Round Like MeEpisode 089 – Mireya is a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) and a Master Certified Party Decorator (MCPD).Mireya Esquivel's Candle Quote

She has been working in the balloon industry for seven years and received her certification in 2014.

Mireya recently started her home based business and is working full time doing balloon décor.

I ran into Mireya at the America’s Baking and Sweets Show. She was selected to do the décor for the show and it caught my eye. After talking with her, I just knew we had to have her on the show to share her story.

The Business of Balloons

When Mireya identified her love for balloons [4:40]
Learning the craft [5:27]
What drives Mireya’s passion for balloons [6:44]
An emotional balloon moment [8:48]
Legalities behind balloon designing [12:41]

Candle Flickering Moments

Getting her business license and claiming her name proved to be more than Mireya expected [15:39]
What to do when the imposter questions start up [18:36]
You should fight for what you love [22:14]

Business Building Insights

The reason why you want to be certified in your craft [10:02]
Getting your first customer and growing from there [23:16]
Facebook ads and more [26:12]
Progressing into teaching the craft of balloon design [29:02]

Success Trait

Being a creator and having the talent to make things [32:20]

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