099 – Managing Social Media with Tena Pettis of Tena.cious

Tena-Pettis-of Tena.ciousEpisode 099 – Hailing from the land of Paul Bunyan, wooded trees and lakes for miles, Tena’s big personality + aptly given nickname ‘Tena-talks-a-lot’ sent herTena Pettis Motivational Candle searching for more. After spending some time in the big city with a “big girl job” Tena quickly realized that the cubicle life wasn’t for her. With a little nudge from her husband she founded tena.cious, a social media + graphic design firm, and effectively launched herself as a brand with a career that makes room for all her passions.

Despite starting off as a company of one, Tena has built a team of amazing women who have supplied the resources + woman power for her to pursue a legacy outside of solely running a business. Tena is a social media expert and accomplished speaker + trainer on all things social. Her love of twitter, training and talking + her social rock-stardom has made her known for building connections both online and off.

Her experiences as a mom of three, business owner and leader within her communities makes her a strong advocate of customer focused, loyalty and relationship based sales. Tena believes in creating a strong brand presence for your business and with a heart as big as her personality, her raving fans + the size of her CLIQUE grows daily.

The Tena.cious Story

Tena knew she was meant to do more. [4:40]
Identifying the purpose and defining the need for the business. [5:37]
Getting started and deciding on a physical versus virtual team. [9:53]
Challenging the original idea, the core concept of Tena.cious. [14:05]
Onboarding a client. [23:09]

Candle Flickering Moments

Managing expectations and exactly what is the responsibility of a social media team. [20:43]

Business Building Insights

The first client. [12:26]
Two reasons why you should consider delegating your social media tasks. [15:30]
What is the trigger that tells you it’s time for you to make the switch? [17:10]
What to look for when your recruiting your social media team. [24:47]
How much you should expect to invest. [33:30]
Interruptions and their impact on your productivity. [39:09]

Success Trait

Tena is coachable and always willing to listen to others for advice and comments. [35:19]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Slack – Messaging for teams
Basecamp – Project management system

Recommended Reading and Listening


 One Great Goal: A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals who are ready to live in service and on purpose … One Goal at a Time by Ursula Menches

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