095 – Cookbooks to Mixes to This! with Lisa Shively of Kitcheneez

Lisa Shively Episode 095 – Kitcheneez is the Direct Sales division of Lisa Shively’s Kitchen Helpers, LLC.Lisa Shively's Motivational Candle Quote

Kitchen Helpers is a food manufacturer geared to helping families enjoy more meals at home.

Lisa started her business by writing cookbooks. Then after years of hearing, “we want it quicker and easier,” she decided that the only way to do this (other than going to their house and cook dinner herself), would be to create Quick Meal Mixes so they could have “her cooking” in their own home.

Lisa now has over 100 mixes that they mix and package daily to ship all over the US.

The Kitcheneez Story

In the beginning … [5:02]
The identification and creation of Kitcheneez [20:17]
A friend’s need sparked the change of the Kitcheneez sales structure. [25:06]
Facebook’s role in the growth of Kitcheneez [26:29] and [27:24]

Candle Flickering Moments

Be careful who you trust as you build your business. [7:28]

Business Building Insights

A perfect example of a business’ message. [3:53]
Listen to your gut. [9:42]
Do you know your customer avatar? Lisa does! [21:22]
Getting customer feedback. [28:01]
How consultants sell under the Kitcheneez structure. [30:17]
The legal stuff. [31:38]

Advice on Craft Shows

2 booth display tips. [11:42]
Interacting with customers in a booth. [13:25]
Managing the flow in a booth with multiple workers. [16:28]
Food sampling and cooking to attract customers. [18:26]
Analysis results and the success of a show. [22:01]

Success Trait

Lisa loves to talk! Specially on the Celebrity Cooking Stage of the Southern Women’s Shows [32:59]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Having time for herself and reflect. [34:06]

Recommended Reading and Listening


 The Wisdom of Walt Disney: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth by Jeffrey A. Barnes

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  1. Laurie Turner on February 5, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Woooo Hooooo Lisa! I’m proud and happy to call you my “boss” and most of all, my friend!

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