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I'm Sue and help women

start and grow a handmade product

business from their hobby or craft.

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I recently achieved a "Maker's Dream" -  that is starting my first business almost 20 years ago and now
selling to the perfect new owners. It's a full circle experience highlighting that a handmade business
can be profitable and tremendously fulfilling. This is possible for you too! 

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A word from me ...

I LOVE handmade artisans like you.

Making a product comes from the soul. It involves reflection, passion and skill. The final result provides happiness for you and those in possession of your creations. This is something our world needs desparately right now ... and continually seeks.

Making your handmade products is an investment of time and energy. The results are one-of-a-kind and enrich our lives by surrounding us with beauty and individuality.

Have you noticed the trend away from brand names and to locally made items?

It's a great time to consider monetizing and sharing your creations with more than just friends and family. You don't need a business degree, but you do need "not so obvious" direction when you start your business if you want to be efficient. No need to encounter common mistakes or waste time and money.

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That's what it's all about here. Regardless of your time allocation to making, you can start a profitable business that can flex based on your life requirements.

Just like me ... I've gone from more-than-full-time business owner, to selling a handmade business, to now retiring with purpose ... that of helping you achieve your dreams too.