5 Not So Obvious Mistakes (FREE WEBINAR)

Most people start their business in the middle. They skip the most important first steps and when things aren't working, they have to go back and fill in the gaps. This wastes time, money and energy leaving some to quit altogether. Find out what is typically missing from biz startups so you don't fall into the same trap.

Start Your Business with Confidence

Before you move too far down the business development road, let's make sure there are customers who will buy your product. This mini-course helps you determine if your handmade products will sell and whether small tweeks in your lineup will make them even more marketable. Once you have this locked in, you're ready to go full force. And guess what? You'll already be bringing in sales!

Content for Makers

What should you post on social media that will prompt your followers to buy? It's not what you think! Find out why most posts don't bring in sales and what to do differently to ensure your time spent on social moves the needle. In one afternoon you can plan out a full year of content using the post prompts provided inside the course. Plus, get image suggestions, a list of my favorite create apps and more at a ridiciously low price.

Network Ninja

Networking is a skill you NEED to have as a business owner. It's the single most effective way to make connections with other businesses in your local market to get corporate orders and wholesale accounts. But it's scary, I know. That's why I created this course! You'll get a variety of templates so you can create an impressive "elevator speech" and learn what to do when you walk into a room and don't know a single soul. It's really not hard at all when you have a plan and know what to do!



Makers MBA is now available any time of the year!


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Get immediate access to this one-of-a kind business training program and on-going resource to start and grow your handmade product business. (No business degree required.)