Inspired! Daily Planner

Inspired! is so much more than a planner. It’s a task organizer and a business development and motivation guide specially designed for creators.

Two themes constantly come up when I speak with successful maker business owners.

First is the realization that big results come through a series of small steps. One builds upon another. When you act on these small doable steps, before you know it, a huge goal is reached.

The second theme is a preference for manual planners. There’s something powerful about writing plans and ideas down on paper. Those small steps get done, goals are met, and dreams are realized.

Empowering makers with a tool to more easily identify what to do and take action is what sparked the idea for Inspired!

This planner incorporates my Power of Purpose strategy for optimal daily productivity and results. It includes:

  • A 12-month layout that allows you to start any time of the year
  • Daily inspiration, business tips and ideas to grow your business
  • A guided plan to identify and focus on goals with actionable strategies
  • An easy to understand and implement format
  • 8.5" x 7.5" makes it easily portable

How do you fit everything you have to do into the space in your day that you have to do it? That’s what the Inspired! planner helps you do!


Enjoy and stay inspired, Sue


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