149 – Why Following Your Passion is Bad Advice! with Michael Gebben of Jumpstarters

Episode 149 – Michael spent 7 years building a video company that was the envy of everyone in his field, GebbsTV.

Until one day, he woke up to the realization that he’d built a cage of his own making. He had given up too much of his life in the name of something that didn’t really mean a whole lot.

So he hit reset, and over the last three years, has rebuilt his life and his career around what matters and in doing so, has profoundly changed his metrics for success.

Michael’s current company Jumpstarters, helps creative entrepreneurs to get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with individuals such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.

Michael is a big believer in Massive Imperfect Action rather than getting stuck in the minutia and never moving forward.

Michael’s Story

The fast version timeline of how he got to today. [3:36]
How he identified the need to change his path to photography. [6:36]
He didn’t know about his special power yet. [7:30]
The My Way decision explained. [8:18]
The point of change. [15:56]
Pressure makes diamonds and it works perfectly for Michael. [17:11]

Candle Flickering Moments

A challenge presented by one of Michael’s respected teachers. [20:46]
Taking the action despite a questioning fear. [27:06]

Business Building Insights

A lesson about how increasing your product’s value isn’t related to time. [9:24]
Why so many people know it’s in the doing … but don’t start. [12:20]
Failure is not a person. It is an event. (Zig Ziglar) [14:28]
Don’t do this! It’s a sign for you. [19:14]
Following your passion is bad advice. [20:08]
How Tim Ferris started. A good example of getting started by doing. [28:55]
There are a million ways to a single destination. [30:43]

Books Michael Recommends

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers
4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

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