081 – Delivering a Shock and Awe Experience with Diane Campbell of Gratitude Goodies

Diane-Campbell-HSDiane Campbell is the CEO of Gratitude Goodies, LLC.GBU-NEW-Candle-081DC

Diane has always had a passion for food and creativity. She recognized that a core value was missing in corporations across America … that was saying “thank you.” So she focused on the concept of building stronger relationships within businesses by expressing gratitude through delicious gourmet gift baskets.

What started as a homebased business, today operates out of a 1,500 square foot facility. Gratitude Goodies, LLC has been providing meaningful ways to say thank you to clients in Atlanta and across the nation for 8 years.

Diane is married to Dan and soon they will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. They have three daughters, two grand kids, and a dog named Nugget. She enjoys cooking, travel, quilting, and sharing her business knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

Business Inspiration

Being a “foodie” was the initial inspiration behind Gratitude Goodies. [4:30]
The original idea and the reason for change. [5:43]

Candle Flickering Moments

The drama behind purchasing another gift basket business [27:10]

Business Building Insights

Advice on being homebased and getting started in business. [7:43]
The business plan discussion including budgets and social media plans. [8:44]
Networking is the most important business building activity Diane does. [10:59]
Why and how she moved out of her house to a production facility. [15:02]
A full description of Diane’s staff and the responsibility breakout. [18:34]
All about staying focused on the core business. [22:22]
The importance of systems and her basket “build list.” [23:22]
The Shock and Awe Experience. [30:30]

Success Trait

Tenacity and sticking to the plan is most important. “Do what’s right, even when it hurts.” [32:23]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

iMovie – It’s never been easier to make videos. Just choose the clips you want to use. Insert titles, add effects, and create a full soundtrack with powerful tools that are as simple as drag and drop.

Valuable Book

E-Myth Mastery by Michael E. Gerber
Gratitude Marketing by Michael F. Sciortino

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