110 – Surviving the “Wild” with Jonathan David Lewis

Jonathan David Lewis Episode 110 – Jonathan is the author of Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments. He is an engaging and authoritative speaker onJonathan David Lewis' Motivational Candle shaping a brand that can survive and thrive, in today’s tough uncertain world.

As partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork + Company, Jonathan led his firm to be recognized by industry purveyor Advertising Age as a national leader in branding and marketing.

They were also named the Southwest Small Agency of the Year, and received the national B2B Campaign of the Year, and national Best Places to Work awards.

All About the Brand vs. Wild Concept

What does “wild” mean in the world today? [3:51]
New vs. old success principles [5:36]
Predictable human reactions to disruption. [6:16]
Kodak – A disruption example [8:20]
Blockbuster’s path to irrelevance [12:14]

Business Building Insights

Fear and how it affects us [9:03]
Watch your numbers to see if you’re losing relevancy [9:46]
Stop – Think – Observe – Plan [11:28]
Ways you can stay relevant [13:08]
The value of podcasts [16:30]
Embrace ambiguity. It leads to opportunity. [17:46]
3 Steps to taking action in the “wild” [20:28]
The nimble advantage of the small business owner [23:20]
The kind truth [31:43]

Success Trait

Connecting the dots allows Jonathan to see how everything fits together. [28:04]
Listening [28:57]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Google Surveys – get fast, reliable insights from consumers online
iphone and MacBook Air

Recommended Reading and Listening


Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni
Brand vs. Wild by Jonathan David Lewis [25:30]



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