OMG! If this is your business I'm so jealous! I love what I'm doing but in my dream world, I'd have a bakery or olive oil shop.

I struggled with what to call this section but yummy Consumable Products pretty much describes it. Any business that includes anything digestible comes with additional regulations, expenses and necessary procedures. Luckily there are multiple ways to tackle these issues.

The collection below provides information from business owners on all ends of the spectrum. There's a wealth of learning to be had here so dive right in!


Professional Photoshoot Planning Guide

Photos tell your potential customer a lot about your business. It may be the first and only contact they have with you as they make a decision to buy or not to buy.

How do you represent your company in the best way possible through pictures?

I've been through two professional photoshoots and definitely learned some things. From my mistakes to shots you definitely want to capture for social media, it's all here in this guide. Even if you're doing your own photography with a friends' help, there are things here that will up your game.

P.S. - This has nothing to do with camera setup or any of the technical stuff. It's all about what you'll want to plan for and capture as a business owner.

Episodes for Consumable Product Biz Creation

Here is a selection of episodes on this topic