091 – Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Attracts the Stars with Tim Burton of Burton’s Maplewood Farm

Tim Burton of Burton's Maplewood Farm

Tim & Angie Burton are the owners of Burton’s Maplewood Farm located on 28 acres in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana.

They have been producing 100% Pure and Barrel aged maple syrup on their farm for 8 years.

Most of their bulk syrup is featured on menu’s in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco & Nashville.

Their Barrel Aged Maple Syrups are also offered online and at many Farmers Markets throughout the U.S.

The Burton’s Maplewood Farm Story

Identifying a potential new career. [2:40]

Could this actually work on Tim’s farm? [6:55]

A niche in a niche product. [10:12]

Investigating how to produce barrel aged syrup. [11:26]

Identifying and coining “fire infusion” [14:13]

Oprah’s Farewell Breakfast – guess who Tim and Angie sat with! [19:24]

Candle Flickering Moments

Transitioning from one business to another during a difficult ecomonic time. [22:40]

Putting in hard drive time commuting 10 hours each day for meetings and markets. [23:19]

A Few Whiskey Biz Facts

A whiskey barrel lesson. [12:23]

The Devil’s Cut. [15:45]

Business Building Insights

Identifying whether there is a market for your product. [7:37]

Growth and visibility came with Signature Barrels [17:01]

Farmer’s Market Goals and Plan. [24:43]

Analyzing if a market has performed. [29:22]

Success Trait

Tenacity and adaptability [30:44]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Square – accept credit cards anywhere.

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