183 – How a Single Moment Turns into a Business with Kristy Mangia of Giddy Up Nuts

Kristy Mangia of Giddy Up Nuts

Kristy Mangia started Giddy Up Nuts as a way to escape “the crazy” of everyday life. Today she feels lucky because it has become her everyday life!

Giddy Up Nuts was born about 5 years ago in her dad’s kitchen. They started selling at the local farmers market and then took on distributing to gourmet and specialty food stores from there.

Kristy says that now more than ever it’s important to know where your food is coming from and to have a connection to what you’re eating.

Giddy Up Nuts is all natural, uses local ingredients whenever possible and tastes delicious too! Kristy’s mission is to create something unique and delicious that people can also feel good about eating.

Business Building Insights

  • Never stop pushing yourself or exploring.
  • Deal with self doubt by reminding yourself everyday that you’re doing it already.
  • Have a fierce tenacity to turn down the noise around you and follow whatever is pulling you.
  • The closest people around you can be your first test group.
  • Start small and start humbly but always listen to what’s driving you.
  • It’s important to have a solid product and to have a value proposition.
  • Be good at rejection. Not everyone will say yes to you.
  • Take feedback gracefully.
  • Look at everything as a learning experience and a lesson.
  • Stay true to yourself and trust what you’re doing.
  • There is no shame in slow and steady growth.
  • Business is full of competition. Find out how you’re going to differentiate yourself.

Resources Mentioned

Quickbooks – accounting software

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