072 – Being on Project Runway with Marla Duran

Marla Duran

Marla is the owner of Marla Duran, her own clothing line of the same name.

She started making clothes when her son was an infant. She was living in LA at the time and sold pieces to local children’s boutiques.

In 1981 she moved back east and she started selling children’s designs to boutiques throughout Philadelphia. Based on this favorable reaction and sales success, her line evolved into women’s wear as well.

She opened her own boutique and design studio in 2001. Today, Marla is producing and selling her designs to women around the country through boutiques and craft shows.

One of her most memorable experiences was as a contestant on Bravo TV’s Project Runway.

Business Inspiration

From the love of handmade ceramics to the love of clothing design [3:53]

Street vending sparked the entrepreneural spirit [5:53]

Candle Flickering Moments

Overcoming the obstacle of how to turn ideas into reality [26:48]

The Project Runway Experience

How the experience began [7:44]

How it happened [9:01]

Reflections on the interview process [13:07]

Business Building Insights

The decision to add retail to her design studio [16:19]

The value of doing craft shows [19:03]

Tips for success at a craft show [22:57]

Two surprising observations for attracting customer [24:34]

Success Trait

Marla is outgoing and enjoys being around people. She is also not afraid of hard work and calls herself tenacious. [26:16]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

TripIt – Organize your travel plans in one place.

Valuable Book

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

Free Audio Book

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  1. Laura Hausmann on December 7, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    I have several pieces by designer, Marla Duran. As a New York City working professional dancer and academic, I find Marla Duran’s designs to be ideal and practical. They are as casual or as traditionally professional, with a twist, to wear in the city or internationally. They remain reliable year after year; put on black pants, good black shoes, a Marla Duran shirt/jacket/top and you look polished, cool, and professional.

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