146 – Should You Purchase That Online Course?

Episode 146 – The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect back on what happened last year and what types of things you want to do differently in your business this year.

One of those, I am hoping, is investing in yourself and in the growth of your business.  That is why I wanted to bring up the topic of today which is how to decide if you should take an online course.

There are so many different choices out there. How do you decide?

It’s a lot more difficult when people are online because they aren’t right in front of you.  You might have less of a connection and recently discovered them.  How do you make sure you’re not throwing money away with your online course selection?

Is it worth laying out that hard earned cash in hopes of getting the result you’re looking for?

Over the course of my professional career, I’ve taken my share of courses. I’ve gotten wiser and more analytical when I’m trying to decide if a program is one that I want to invest my time and money in.

I’ve created an evaluation system I run through every time I’m considering an online course. Let me share it with you.

Should You Invest in That Online Course?

Check #1

Does it fit with what you need to know now? [3:56]
Online marketers use a strategy called scarcity. [5:33]
Someday but not today. Filter things that you’re doing. [6:29]

Check #2

How qualified is the person who put together and is teaching the course? [7:25]
The instructor is the creator of the course, captured all the information. [7:37]
The instructor actually lived and learned what they’re teaching. [8:41]
Beware of scammers! [10:01]
Make a choice through evaluation, intuition, research and knowledge. [10:58]

Check #3

CAUTION! Do not equate number of social media followers with credibility of their stated qualification. [11:27]
There is the ability to buy followers out there. [12:06]
A little bit of research: Look at their website. [12:27]

Check #4

What is the style of the presentation? [13:10]

Review of the four checkpoints. [14:53]

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