016 – Bats and a bridge created a biz by RC Clark of Dancing Snake Nature Photography

Rene Clark

With the lens trained on everything from sunsets to spiders, R.C. Clark captures the striking beauty of the Southwest with a passion for the wildlife and natural vistas of the Arizona Sonoran Desert. Viewing her photography you can take a journey through the surreal to the downright creepy, through cactus blooms to venomous fangs … and everything in between.

R.C. is a nationally published photographer with pictures featured in upcoming books by Marty Crump and Harvey Pough. She will also be teaching her first photography workshop for the Turtle and Tortoise Survival Alliance which hosts the largest gathering of Turtle and Tortoise experts in the world in Tucson on August 6th, 2015.

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Hear this fateful story about what happened when she went out on a whim to take pictures of bats under a bridge. [4:01]

A Candle Flickering Moment

Dealing with the legal paperwork side of the business led her to seek outside help. [10:09]

Skeptics have no place in R.C.’s business plan. [ 11:03]

A trade show exhibitor trick [12:46]

Business Insight

Think again before refusing to donate an item to a silent auction. [14:01]

Success Trait

R.C. has an outgoing nature, feels comfortable approaching people and does not fear rejection. [17:54]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Social Media – hear how she sells off of Facebook. [20:29]

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Vertebrate Life by Harvey Pough

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