366 – Be Better Prepared For Tax Season Next Year with Danielle Hayden

I get it. Right after that deadline passes, you want to forget about taxes until it comes around again next year. But the reality is – it’s going to show up again whether you like it or not. So why not be prepared and make the process as easy and smooth as you can? Tune in now for a ton of helpful tax prep tips specifically for handmade product makers!

204 – Be Friends with Your Numbers with Lynne Somerman Financial Coaching

Lynne Somerman of Lynne Somerman Financial Coaching helps entrepreneurs feel less stupid and sad about their money through practical skill building, habit change and mindset work. She speaks about budgeting as radical self-care and loves coaching clients and seeing them light up, realizing that they’re not doomed, after all. Lynne lives in South Portland, Maine…