191 – Why Amazon Over Ebay with Amy Feierman of Mommy Income

Amy Feierman of Mommy Income

Amy is a podcaster, educator and entrepreneur who has been selling online for almost 10 years.

While she started on eBay, most of that time was focused on Amazon. In 2014, she and a friend/colleague started teaching others how to sell on Amazon. This has become her area of expertise.

Now now co-hosts the Amazon Files show that you can catch live every Monday night at 9pm eastern. Replays are available on YouTube or a podcast of the same name.

Amy’s goal to help others start and grow their Amazon businesses so they can build lives they love.

Business Building Insights

  • In business it’s best to have multiple places to sell your product.
  • Having a website is essential because that’s where you want to steer people. If you want to broaden your audience, Amazon is a great way to do that.
  • The search in Amazon is amazing as long as you optimize your listing with keywords that people are actively searching for.
  • If you’re selling in Amazon be aware of the rules. Understand the platform well. Read the terms of service and the guidelines. Ask questions of you don’t understand.
  • By niching down you can focus on the segment of the audience actually looking for and buying your product.
  • Work on where you are today and what you want to accomplish. Take baby steps towards that end goal.
  • Don’t do something without a reason behind why you’re doing it.
  • Amazon feels overwhelming. Take it one step at a time and don’t let fear take over business potential.

Resources Mentioned

Merchant Words – Connect the dots between buyer keywords and your products.

Pinterest – Amy talks about this in relation to keyword search.

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