118 – Monetize Thyself™ with Business Wisdom from Nicole Walters

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Nicole is an income strategist who works with everyday entrepreneurs by applying corporate strategies to help build their businesses.

She has worked as a client-facing business executive for Fortune 500 companies in both sales and marketing for over ten years.

Everyone from stay-at-home parents to small-business owners can access her affordable and entertaining webinars and private monetization coaching.

Using her trademarked Pitch & Pray™ method, Nicole helps her clients embrace the Monetize Thyself™ mindset and realize their brand’s fiscal goals.

“I specialize in income makeovers – meaning I help aspiring entrepreneurs gain the clarity and confidence they need to move forward with turning their passion into profits. If you want your side project or hobby to transform into a full-time earning opportunity, I can help you earn the income you deserve.”

Nicole’s Story

Nicole calls her start in life the true American story [6:01]

What she learned from livestreaming on Periscope [8:06]

Hear how Nicole quit her corporate job live on Periscope [8:32]

Growing to a 7-figure business in 18 months [10:11]

Depending on her faith as the foundation [14:48]

Candle Flickering Moments

What if what you’re planning doesn’t work out? [24:01]

Business is only one part of who you are [26:59]

Business Building Insights

How to know if it’s time to quit your 9-5 [12:15]

The first steps to monetize your own business [16:14]

Finding value in your corporate job that will help with your new biz later [16:00]

Start up costs and the answer if you have a limited income [17:57]

Find the experts who can get your job done faster and right the first time [18:50]

Different worlds – the entrepreneur vs corporate careers [28:45]

Get support from people several steps ahead of you [37:01]

Are you working toward something you really want? [38:05]

Family first and the Gary Vaynerchuk comparison [38:38 ]

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Nicole’s System Swap [20:47]

Outsourcing to prevent bottlenecks[ 31:32]

Fiverr – Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur

Upwork – Project based professional freelancers

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