119 – Computer Tips to Keep You Safe with Goran Donev of Safe Haven IT

Goran Donev of Safe Haven IT

Goran Donev has been dealing with computers since he was sixteen. Back then he was building his own computers and helping friends fix theirs. He went on to work in corporate IT departments and saw that something was lacking.

There was an absence of quality IT providers who truly understood the needs of small businesses. So he started Safe Haven IT where today, he helps the small business owner with remote management and monitoring, consulting services and installation.

Goran says his goal is to become the “trusted advisor” to as many small business owners as possible.

The Safe Haven IT Story

Even as a child Goran loved taking things apart and figuring things out. [4:03]

 Business Building Insights

The 5 things you need when you’re setting up your office. [5:43]

What is it and why do you need a firewall. [7:07]

All about the modem and the router. [8:15]

Where to get help with your setup. [10:02]

How to protect yourself from hackers. [11:10]

How to get the most out of your antivirus software. [12:43]

Email risks and cautions. [15:40]

Backing up the right way. [16:36]

Cloud services. [22:10]

Computer life span and properly disposing of old computers. [30:18]

When Computer Disasters Strike

The nightmare scenario. [20:50]

The steps to take when your computer fails. [24:00]

Finding help locally. [28:21]

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