234 – How to Create Demand and Grow Your Business with Leeatt Rothschild of Packed with Purpose

Leeatt Rothschild of Packed with Purpose

Packed with Purpose is a specialty gifting company with a social mission.

They curate high-quality business and personal gifts that create an impact by sourcing products from purpose-driven organizations. The result is a unique gift experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Leeatt was inspired to start Packed with Purpose after serving in the Peace Corps and years in social impact consulting advising C-Suite executives on how to best invest their CSR and marketing dollars.

She observed that these companies were spending billions of dollars on client, prospect, and employee gifts that were often unremarkable and sometimes just wasteful.

Deciding there needed to be a better way to integrate business strategy and social purpose into gifting, Leeatt founded Packed with Purpose in 2016.

Business Building Insights

  • Whatever is on your plate, you can handle it and move forward.
  • Do market research to see if people can relate to your products.
  • Learn from feedback and apply that to your business and product. It’s the way to “wow and dazzle” your customers.
  • Once you see the demand, fill in the needs that are the most pressing.
  • Reach your prospective clients at the point where they are most interested in finding a solution to their needs.
  • Share why your products are special and unique to your customers.
  • Establish strong rapport with partners (purveyors) and work with them collaboratively to find solutions.
  • To retain clients, there should be active communication. Follow up with them on their orders and share content with them through newsletters.

Resources Mentioned

Hubspot – Generate leads, close deals and simplify your inbound marketing and sales process

Shopify – Website platform for your business

Google Alerts – Monitor the web for various topics and mentions

Quickbooks – Simple accounting software

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