You have an idea for a product and now you are figuring out how to build a business around it.

That's so exciting ... and intimidating!

How do you start? How do you make a prototype? And what about websites, selling and mass production when the time comes?

All this is discussed in a variety of ways with my guests who have created and gotten their original products to market. And guess what? They are regular folks just like you and me. Learn from their stories and make your product a reality so I can buy it!


Professional Photoshoot Planning Guide

Photos tell your potential customer a lot about your business. It may be the first and only contact they have with you as they make a decision to buy or not to buy.

How do you represent your company in the best way possible through pictures?

I've been through two professional photoshoots and definitely learned some things I want to share with you. From my mistakes ... to shots you definitely want to capture for social media, it's all here in this guide. Even if you're doing your own photography with a friends' help, there are things here that will up your game.

P.S. - This has nothing to do with camera setup or any of the technical stuff. It's all about what you'll want to plan for and capture as a business owner.

Episodes on Product Development

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