065 – Vintage X3 on Etsy with Jennifer Beaton

Jennifer Beaton

Jen runs three online vintage shops on Etsy. The first shop opened in 2008 with a nice mix of vintage. Several months later she niched down and started a vintage milk glass shop, and soon after that, a vintage china shop.

Jen’s passion for objects with character and history started when she was little and would visit my Great Aunt Esther. She had a beautiful 250+ year old homestead in Rye, New Hampshire. It was a gorgeous home filled with many antiques.

Jen is a proud member of the EtsyVintageTeam and the VestiesTeam. She’s also a proud mom of three, Katherine, Mark and Lindsey. AND Lindsey just had a new baby, Oliver whom she adores!

You can visit all of Jen’s vintage shops on Etsy. The are JensCloset, TheChinaGirl and MyMilkGlassShop. In our talk, she shares how she set up her shops, sources and prices her items, and how she attracts attention to her online shops.

Motivational Quote

Jen Beaton's Motivational Quote

Selling on Etsy

Why Jen started her first vintage shop on Etsy [3:04]

Conversation about how to set up a shop on Etsy and the costs [3:57]

The best way to list products [6:07] and [14:55]

Why Jen has multiple vintage shops instead of just one [11:47]

How Jen sources her vintage products [16:34]

How to determine the selling price [17:40]

Social Media plays a huge role for bringing in sales [20:10]

Success Trait

Jen believes it’s all about your attitude when it comes to success. [24:31]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Journaling is Jen’s way of staying grounded. [25:09]

Valuable Book

Free Audio Book


Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting and Decorating Guide by Rachel Ashwell

The Vintage Table: Personal Treasures and Standout Settings by Jacqueline deMontravel

The Serene Home: Decorating Secrets & Inspirations Hardcover by Eileen Cannon Paulin

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