384 – BASH – The How, What and When for Hiring Help

You know what successful business owners say when I ask what they’d do differently if they were starting again? Hire help sooner.  Are you surprised? For some reason, we get it in our minds that hiring an employee is reserved only for those who have grown to a certain level. But the truth is –…

Tips & Talk 17 – What To Do with Your Online Biz While on Vacation

Running your own business doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all life has to offer. And part of that is taking time away for yourself, your family and your customers.

Relaxing breaks away are rejuevenating and even allow for renewed creativity and excitement for your business. Here’s how to do this without losing customers and sales.

261 – Know Who You Are and Stay in Your Lane with Julia of Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Julia and her husband, Mel are the fourth-generation owners of Birnn Chocolates of Vermont. Julia’s great-grandfather started making confections in 1915 in New Jersey and in 1991 her father and uncle moved the business to Vermont. Julia and Mel are humbled by the opportunity to continue crafting truffles using her family’s 100-year-old recipes. The couple…