Local craft shows and farmer's markets as well as the larger trade shows are excellent places to make money and get visibility. These venues are perfectly structured for bakers and makers.

It's also the best place to test your market as a newbie and to stay in tune with customer preferences even when you've been in business for years.

However, there are strategies to doing these shows right. You've invested the money into registering for your spot, creating signage and having a supply of your product on hand. Now how do you get the most out of the event as possible?

I've organized this collection of your peers who are rocking it at shows along with my advice through experience at many many events. Together we share tons of tips on displays, booth management, handling customers and more.


Trade Show Packing List & Wardrobe Organizer

Have you ever gotten to your room for a business event and forgotten something you really needed? Or do you overpack because you can't decide what to bring ... so you include lots of alternatives? I'm definitely guilty!

That's why I created my own checklist and organizer. I've added to it over time and now it's my perfect planner so I don't have to spend precious brainpower on packing.

Now it's yours for the taking. Definitely worth it!

Episodes Focusing on Craft Fairs & Trade Shows

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