243 – How to Sell Left Over Holiday Products with Alesia Galati

Alesia GalatiAlesia is an e-commerce business strategist. She helps physical product sellers increase their revenue, improve profit margins and bring home more cash while creating a sustainable business.

After six years in the manufacturing and packaging industry, Alesia’s learned a thing or two about how to work with international and domestic vendors, make strategic production plans, analyze trends and utilize marketing strategies.

This is what she brings to assist product-based businesses.

Alesia lives in North Carolina with her fellow nerd husband, two wild boys and a rescue dog. She loves all things savory – cue the lasagna and glass of Cab.

Business Building Insights

  • As a business owner, you must watch your numbers. See where dollars are being tied up in inventory, how actions affect the bottom line and keep your overall costs in check.
  • Have a plan for safety stock during the holidays. You don’t want to miss out on sales growth because you don’t have the materials or product to sell.
  • A strategy to consider is bundling your products during and after the holidays. That way you can quickly sell consumable or holiday themed products and turn product into usable cash.
  • Your email list is the key to push those bundle sales because customers will feel it’s an exclusive deal for them.
  • See what the numbers indicate as you prepare for the following year.
  • No mistake is a mistake if you learn from it.

Resources Mentioned

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