180 – Your Inside Peek at FB “Live from the Hive” with Shawn Parola of All The Buzz

Shawn Parola of All The Buzz

Shawn is the owner of All The Buzz, a gift basket and corporate gift company located in San Jose, California. Shawn’s business has grown over the past 14 years from part-time & home based to very full time in a private production facility.

All The Buzz focuses on custom business gifts, with an emphasis on California products and personalized products created right in her workshop.

Shawn is a recognized expert in her field. She has served as an instructor at a national conference, has been featured in several publications and won many design awards, most recently first place corporate design at the National Gift Basket Convention.

Business Building Insights

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just keep going.
  • A support group is critical. You need somebody when times get tough to tell you, “You can do this. You got this. I’m going to come help you.”
  • Places you can get support: Facebook Groups, Networking, Mastermind Groups
  • It’s a sign of strength to know when you need help.
  • One of Shawn’s most valuable groups focuses on social media support of all members. Listen to the show to get the details.
  • People want to work with people they know. Facebook Live shows your personality as the business owner in a trustworthy and authentic way.
  • Other ideas for FB Live broadcasts: Unboxing, vendor spotlights, new programs and tips.
  • Engagement is higher if you announce in advance that you’re going live.
  • When you encounter dips in sales (like the recession), reduce costs by bringing outside services back in-house.
  • Also during the slow season, use your time to identify ways to up-level the business through research, learning new skills and identifying opportunities for your business.

Resources Mentioned

Snapseed – Mobile app for editing photos. Available for iOS and Android systems.

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  1. Diane Fredrick on November 4, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    As I see it Shawn one of the best decisions you made was to bring Lisa on board. She has a fabulous product with Black Bow. Really adds a nice touch to a special gift basket.

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