004 – Find a Better Way to Lose Weight with Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential

Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential

Elizabeth has cracked the code to a healthy lifestyle. This is the basis for her company Primal Potential.

She started her life overweight and as many of us have done, tried every diet out there. Elizabeth was obsessed with food and it affected her whole life. This negative food focus, however, led to a positive when she switched educational direction and earned her Masters Degree in Nutrition. But even so, this knowledge did not carry over to her personal struggle. She didn’t want to go out with friends, avoided cameras, and wouldn’t travel – which meant she didn’t see her family very much. She was isolated and depressed.

Here’s the silver lining. Change happened for her literally in one day in her car. Read all the details on her website for the whole story. Suffice it to say, she has now lost 130 lbs and most importantly is full of energy, confidence and has success straight in her path.

Primal Potential focuses on the Paleo theory. That means aligning our eating with how our ancestors eat. She has an amazing way of combining this strategy with her understanding of how it actually affects our body. Listen to ways you can affect change starting right away.

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Read about her journey here.

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Her ability to focus on an outcome versus the process. This allows her to take action quickly. [25:08]

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Boomerang – Write an email through gmail now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time.

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The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

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