125 – Elizabeth Meyer’s Courageous Journey to America Back in 1841

Rebecca Bloomfield as Elizabeth Meyers

Rebecca Bloomfield of Jerry S Pearlstein Insurance has been privileged to work with the lives of famous women in American history like Abigail Adams and Lady Bird Johnson. She’s also been asked by small communities to honor the lives of women who were important to their beginnings.

We have the fortune today of meeting one of these women as Rebecca portrays Elizabeth Meyer.

Let me introduce you to Elizabeth.

She was born in the southeastern corner of Switzerland in 1818.

Elizabeth had a strong desire to open her life to a new world and new ways.

So she joined a Swiss Protestant group headed for Wisconsin in this land called America.

She had never before traveled more than a few miles from her parents’ farm. She wasn’t quite sure where she was going. But she took it step by step.

Let’s talk with Elizabeth now and hear about her remarkable journey and the life she created for herself in America.

The Journey from Switzerland to America

The practical reason why Elizabeth left Switzerland. [3:35]

The announcement and travel plan. [4:53]

Starting off on the trip and their route. [7:12]

The daily struggle. [8:55]

Meeting and marrying Nicholas Meyer [9:29]

Traveling on the sea in the 1800’s. [11:09]

Arriving in American

Seeing New York for the first time and on to Wisconsin [14:33]

Elizabeth doesn’t like Chicago. [16:41]

Stopping in Niles Center [18:00]

Building and living in their cabin. [19:50]

Elizabeth defines her “trade.” [22:36]

Elizabeth’s Reflections

Comments about her choice to come to America [24:17]

Family and life review [25:23]

Woman Power! [27:35]

Rebecca’s Comments

Rebecca’s side interest of famous women in history. [29:40]

Elizabeth Meyer’s land as it is today. [30:31]

A review of the historical places today. [33:22]

The overall message for our lives today. [34:41]

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