314 – Things to Do Now to Sell Your Business Later with Chelsea Clarke

How to sell your business with Chelsea ClarkeToday, we’re talking about how to sell your business – and some things you can do now to set yourself up for a profitable sale later.

Because even if you just started a business, things do change over time and the day might come when you’re ready to sell.

Chelsea is a content monetization strategist and business broker. She helps investors acquire profitable online businesses while providing a way for content creators and small business owners to have gainful exits from those businesses.

Chelsea founded BlogsForSale.co, a boutique brokerage and marketplace for buying and selling niche websites, eCommerce sites and media properties. She’s obsessed with the strategy behind growing an online business, from growth-hacking to funnels to creative monetization.


  • Enjoy the journey.
  • Focus on what you are doing, believe in your vision, and stay focused on that path.
  • Find and connect with the people who will become your customers and your community.
  • Collect email addresses.  Focus on growing your list and building that relationship with your community through newsletters.

Thinking Ahead For How To Sell Your Business

  • Don’t put your name on anything that you might want to sell down the road.
  • What really cool product (whether it’s digital, or physical) can you create that doesn’t rely on you being the one to be able to provide it?
  • Even when you first start building your business or are just coming up with a business idea, have an exit plan or even just an idea of an exit strategy, right from the start.
  • Be consistent about tracking your profit and loss. It’s easy for the buyer to see where they might be able to fit in the business and what expenses they can expect.
  • Set up Google Analytics on your website right from day one. Every potential buyer will want to check the analytics to confirm you really are getting the traffic.
  • Common mistake: Don’t slack off on your business when you put it up for sale. It’s important to continue to actively run the business – make sales, drive traffic, etc.
  • Tune in for TONS more fascinating details and tips on selling a business! 

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