Tips & Talk 6 – Craft Show Convo Part 1 – Selection and Results

Woman selecting a product at a craft showCelebration Time! Craft shows are finally coming back and we’re all ready to be together and have face-to-face (screenless) conversations again.

Whether you’ve just started your business and are looking for your first sales, or you’ve just never considered a local consumer show as a way to sell your products, here’s how to figure out which show(s) is right for you.

Craft shows, farmer’s markets, church bazaars, county fairs and flea markets – there are a lot of options!

And guess what? There’s still more to do when the show is over and you’ve packed up and left. Now it’s time to analyze your results to decide if it’s a repeat for next time or you should move on. This isn’t as obvious a decision as you may think. It’s not only about sales.

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