014 – The Trick to Asking for Referrals by Kevin Jordan of Redpoint Marketing Consultants

Kevin Jordan of Redpoint Marketing ConsultantsKevin Jordan is the owner of Redpoint Marketing Consultants and the host of the Small Business Marketing Minute show, a video and audio podcast that teaches simple, affordable, and practical marketing methods to small business owners.

He’s also a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, and has recently co-authored a book entitled The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation. This book teaches local business owners how to successfully compete with much larger companies.

Prior to starting his marketing agency, Kevin spent six years as an airline pilot for US Airways Express. He’s a native of Indiana, a graduate of Purdue University, and currently resides in Farmville, Virginia with his wife Jen.

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Business Insights

Referral Programs that effortlessly increase sales [4:30]

Steps to Starting a Referral Program [9:33]

All about Event Marketing – it’s value, how to prepare and how to make it a success [13:58]

Success Trait

Self Discipline – executing the same way every single time [23:20]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Nimble – the only solution to offer small businesses the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the power of social media.

Valuable BookFree Audio Book

Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation by Ray L. Perry, Justin Sturges, Phil Singleton, Kevin Jordan & Mark Z. Fortune

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