282 – 3 Surprising Points About Marketing Your Small Business with Teresa Heath-Wareing

marketing for small businessGuess what? There are some really effective ways of marketing for small business the big boys can’t use. Marketing expert Teresa Heath-Wareing shares valuable tips on how you can use it for your handmade business.

Teresa is an award-winning international speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer and podcaster. She’s recognized alongside some of the world’s social media & digital marketing thought leaders and is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading marketing influencers.

Having spent the last 16 years in Marketing – working with international brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar and Leadpages. Teresa helps businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

Teresa hosts a popular weekly podcast called ‘Marketing that Converts’ and has interviewed the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, Jasmine Star and James Wedmore, Mike Stelzner and Dean Graziosi.


  • Don’t let fear stop you. Say yes to new opportunities and figure it out after.
  • Practice bravery in your business. Putting yourself out there can lead to big things.
  • Overcome imposter syndrome by reminding yourself of wins. Create a ‘Love Folder’ and save good testimonials, write down everything (small or large) that went well, take screenshots of positive comments online, etc. Remind yourself of all the people you’ve helped.
  • Find ways to brainstorm and get new ideas from other people – use your team, a coaching group, etc. Expose yourself to things outside your focus to stimulate creativity – in your business and for marketing.
  • Don’t rush to push for a sale. Showing up online is how you connect with your audience. You have to show who you are. And it takes time to build a relationship.
  • As a handmade business, the skill of what you do and how you create your products is your superpower. That’s your USP.
  • Tune in for too many valuable business insights to summarize here!

3 Surprising Points About Marketing For Small Business

  • The beauty of a small business is that you are flexible and can move fast. You can learn something and implement it right away. Being nimble allows you to pivot and take action quickly.
  • As a small business, you can develop the kind of really authentic, personal connection with your audience that large businesses can’t. And right now – that’s what sells.
  • Find ways to incentivize your customers to share their joy about your products. User-generated content works 10x better.
  • TONS more tips on marketing for small business. Listen to the full episode to get them all!

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