198 – How to Use Email as a Product Biz with Megan Auman of Artists and Profit Makers

Megan Auman of Artists and Profit Makers

Megan Auman is a jewelry designer, metalsmith and educator with over a decade of experience in selling art through a variety of channels.

She designs for women who want to be effortlessly bold. She says, “You need jewelry that makes a statement but is easy enough to wear every day.

You need pieces that make you feel fantastic every time you put them on. Something that reflects your confidence and strength. A kind of armor that helps you tackle your day, every day.”

Currently, Megan is running her eponymous jewelry line and the online community Artists & Profit Makers for fellow creatives who sell high-end products.

Megan has seen talented makers walk away from creating because they are given one-size-fits-all marketing advice that just doesn’t translate to the world of selling art.

A best-selling CreativeLive instructor, her designs have been featured in Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light and on top-rated blogs like Design*Sponge.

Business Building Insights

  • The beauty of wholesale accounts is that once you’ve established contacts you can reach out to them over and over again.
  • Wholesale trade shows are an excellent place to start as you begin to develop relationships.
  • There’s no one right way to run a business. You have to figure out what works best for you.
  • Your product does not need to solve a problem in order for it to sell.
  • Show off your product through experienced based marketing: what it tastes like, what it looks like, how it feels and the experience of using it.
  • Add a human element to your photography. We are trained to read emotions through other humans; whether it’s the expression or a movement like reaching for something.
  • Email is a powerful way to connect with customers.
  • Put a call to action on your sites and social media to collect emails for your list.

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