040 – 3 Steps to Unwrap YOUR Greatness with Sue Monhait the Gift Biz Gal

Sue Monhait

This is a very different podcast than I have ever done. As you know, I’m the host of Gift Biz Unwrapped. I want to talk with you about some super crazy things that have been happening to me over the last four months. It’s beyond belief. I want to share with you because my experience can help you with your entrepreneural journey as well.

I had no idea when I stepped on this path, what I was getting into. It’s leading me in a totally different direction today and that’s what I want to tell you about.

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of Scope Pass Sunday. Let’s just say that the experience of being asked to be included in Scope Pass Sunday hit me.

“Wow!” It was a marker in the sand. A realization that … life has changed over the last four months. Things are different. The most exciting thing is it’s based on the moves that I made and the opportunities that I took advantage of that have allowed me to get to this point.

It’s valuable to share because by telling you about my experience, it can serve as an example for you. It will give you some new thinking and insight and thoughts on what you can do to also begin walking through an even more remarkable journey than you’re already on.

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Business Overview

Sue Monhait – Gift Biz Gal [2:42]

The Ribbon Print Company [3:32]

The Law of Attraction [5:02]

My overall vision [35:60]

The 4-Month Journey

Social Boom – An overview [7:59]

Social Boom – Speakers and my takeaways [8:57]

One Day Mastermind – An overview [13:07]

One Day Mastermind – Experience and my takeaways [14:01]

Creative Live – An overview [22:42]

Creative Live – Speakers and my takeaways [23:18]

Business Coaching [29:54]

Scope Pass Sunday [30:37]

Business Building Insights

Another pair of eyes on your business [15:38]

Training courses and VIP options [18:42]

The effect of the first action [21:29]

Unwrap YOUR Greatness

3 Steps to follow throughout your journey [33:32]

What is your vision? [37:47]

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  1. Anita Housman on January 11, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you for the honest & transparent approach to this podcast. I have been able to take so much valuable content from all of your past speakers applying at least something from each of them to my business. I am seeing incredible changes as a result and no doubt see it as a great investment in my future BUSINESS INVESTMENT BANK! .THANK YOU for leading the way!!!! 2016 is no doubt a year of “social boom” for all of us if we each put these tips in motion!

    I have been following all of these folks for some time since October & November and am AMAZED at the transformation of my business. I have, attended C-live virtually, purchased the course as well as Sue B ‘s Instaresults and Ready Set Gram. I’m now leaving my comfort zone & am looking forward to launching Periscope in the next month all from pushing myself harder from the tips I’ve gained here.. If you are not following these folks .DO IT! . Definitely go back too and listen to the past podcasts as well. I can honestly say that these people continue to bring value & content daily. When you take the content from Sue’s suggested take-aways and recommendations of followers here and combine them with these podcasts on Giftbizunwrapped you too will see & gain traction as you move ahead and offer great stuff for your clients & customers as well.

    I definitely would recommend this podcast & more importantly, Sue Monhait’s periscopes for anyone wanting to gain traction & thrive in the days ahead not for you, but for the people who make you who you are in your business => an expert in your field! Thanks Sue! – So “swipe & share!” as Sue says in her Periscopes and ‘boom!”

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