039 – Boston Marathon and DUI Campaigns: Gaining Visibility with Anita Housman

Anita Housman

Founded in 2009, Treasured Touch helps individuals and businesses create unique, one-of-a-kind items that help brand their business, or give a unique presentation to a gift or special event.

Anita’s specialty is using custom printed ribbon alone and/or incorporated into their gifts. This simple touch of ribbon instantly transforms even the plainest of items into something which leaves a lasting impression of WOW!

Anita lives just outside of Hershey, PA (a/k/a Chocolatetown USA) with her husband, son and daughter, and two spoiled miniature dachshunds.

Motivational Quote


Business Inspiration & Development

Anita’s business found her! [4:22]

Yes! This can be a business [7:26]

The first step in defining the business – niching down [8:39]

The Value of Campaigns

Example 1 – The Doug Flutie Foundation/Boston Marathon [10:06]

Example 2 – Pennsylvania DUI Holiday Project [15:36]

Business Building Insight

Anita’s key one-on-one customer service strategy [24:42]

Details on how to overdeliver with passion [25:07]

Success Trait

Her ability to look at things and discect them into manageable components.

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

ToDoist – Manage tasks and projects anywhere across 15+ platforms.

DoNote/ITTT – Create your own personalized notepad with just a tap. Save and share notes with Recipes that connect your notepad to Evernote, Twitter, Google Calendar, and hundreds of Channels you use every day.

Valuable BookFree Audio Book

Anita is a big fan currently of podcasts, Periscope and Snapchat!

FREE Strategic Planning Worksheet

Download this Strategic Planning Worksheet to help you identify your overall goals and the steps necessary to achieve your goals

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  1. Sue B. on January 8, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Great to hear Anita on your podcast. I love hearing about the power of custom printed ribbon for retailers.

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