218 – Create Your Own Brand Portfolio Today with Lindsey Johnson of Verity & Co

Lindsey Johnson of Verity & Co

Lindsey is the owner of Verity & Co, helping small business owners grow and scale their brands through cohesive design and effective messaging. She is passionate about branding, copy and web design coming together to represent a business that will make an impact and leave a legacy.

Creating a marketing message that connects with your audience and supporting it with a beautiful design is how her two passions of conversational writing and minimal design collide to serve product and service entrepreneurs in a unique way.

In addition to Verity & Co, Lindsey is a wife and mother. She homeschools their three kids and loves to hang out on the beach of Lake Superior near their home in rural Wisconsin.

Business Building Insights

  • Your entire marketing message makes the business cohesive.
  • Present yourself in a way that makes it easy for your audience to say yes to what you’re doing.
  • Start with considering how do you want people to think about your business.
  • Come from an audience focused view to create a brand.
  • Consistency across all platforms in person and online is important.
  • Your audience will recognize your brand through what you post, how you create your graphics and what you say on social media. Brand recognition plays a big role in your growth.
  • Choose 2-3 fonts. One primary for your logo, and main headlines; a supporting font for the body text; and a personality font that is fun and bold or beautiful and handwritten.
  • A website is a necessity and increases authority for your brand.
  • Make sure there is an easy way for people to connect with you on your website.
  • Include testimonials and social proof on your home page.
  • By having a more informed audience, they’re more likely to buy from you because you’re giving them value apart from just selling the product.
  • As you build traffic to your website and increase marketing efforts, your website will be the best sales person for your business.

Resources Mentioned

Design Seeds – Here’s the site Lindsey mentions to choose your brand colors.

Creative Market – Ready to use design assets

One Often Forgotten Free Way to Get New Customers

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