178 – Discover the “Whys” Behind Your Business

Sue Monhait

Who, what, why, when, where. Back in my college journalism days, these were the necessary points to cover in any article or broadcast. As a business owner, experience has shown me that the first and most important one, by a long shot, is “Why.”

Knowing the “Why” of your company is like creating a guidebook that outlines the answers to the rest. The who, what, when and where. It brings direction and clarity to all your decisions and actions. With direction and clarity comes business momentum and growth. Without it there is confusion, random action and stalled or declining results.

There are actually two “Whys” and it all starts with discovering what these are for you. They are completely individual. There is no power in borrowing someone else’s “Why.” It’s something you must discover for yourself.

We go through the description of the two “Whys” you are after. I’ll give examples from others that will help you uncover your own unique position. This can lead to significant change for you and your business. I’m so excited for your discovery!

Business Building Insights

  • Understanding your two “Whys” brings purpose to your efforts and clarity to your actions.
  • Having an understanding of your personal underlying motivation will help you through the difficult times in your business.
  • Starting a business solely to bring in money leads to disaster. There must be something more.
  • One of your “Whys” is only for you. You can even keep it private if you do want. Once you have it identified, it will give you power.
  • It’s up to us to tell and excite people about learning more and using our product or service.
  • What makes your product most valuable is not the features that can already be seen. It’s the emotional connection created by knowing and talking about the “Why.”
  • Your “Why” sets you apart from others and leads to the most loyal customers.

Resources Mentioned

How Great Leaders Inspire Action with Simon Sinek

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Shopping For a Change

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