Make Your Biz Fun Again by Changing this One Word

Make Your Biz Fun Again by Changing this One Word

Have you ever had one of those mornings where one thing goes awry and then another and another? The next thing you know, your whole day becomes a struggle. Everything seems to go wrong!

Our attitude and what we tell ourselves can literally set the stage for the entire day. And dare I say our future business achievements!

BUT by switching out just one word, you can set yourself up for both a better day and future business success!

SO are you wondering what I’m talking about? Let me explain.

Remember when you first started thinking about creating a business? You thought, “Wow, I’ve got this great hobby (or idea) that I can turn into a business.”  AND “When I have my own business, I’ll get to schedule my own time. I’ll get to run my business the way I want. I’ll get to work out of the house and spend more time with the kids.”

In other words, you were dreaming of a bright future with a successful business. You were full of optimism since there was a completely clean slate.  It was all so exciting!

AH but then reality set in … out of nowhere appeared obstacles and challenges. This is inevitable.

SO today …

You find that time is not your own because you have production snafus, customers who need help, employees who need direction, and a sick child home from school.

There are financial concerns as well. You have bills coming in and possibly employees to pay.

And it’s not just today. It’s every day!

NOW the internal conversation has changed.

You are thinking, “I have to order new supplies today which means spending more money.” AND “I have to call back that customer right now.”  AND ”I have to get those photos done this afternoon for my new website.” And of course your sick child is now hungry for lunch.

Lots to do…so little time!

SO what do you do? How can you get back the excitement and make your business fun again?

You can change it back simply by switching out one word.
Change “I have to…”      to      “I get to…” in your mind!

Remind yourself how lucky you are! Because here’s the real story you should be telling yourself:

“Wow I get to order more supplies today because everyone loves what I make.” AND “Yay, I’ve got customers who are using what I sell, and I get to call them today to chat about their business and answer questions.” AND “I’ve got the perfect idea for a new holiday product, and today I will put photos on my website so I can get started.” AND “Aren’t I lucky I didn’t have to find a baby sitter this morning!”

What a difference this will make!

You will find that you are more optimistic about your business and your day. You will remember that you are actually doing what you wanted in the first place. Your employees will be energized and your positive attitude will spread to your online communities. Your customers will sense your enthusiasm. They’ll be attracted to what you have to offer … and they will want to spend money with you!

Voila … by changing just one word you’ve reset your mind and attitude!

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  1. Anita Housman, The Ribbon Barista @ Treasured Touch on December 6, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Great advice! Thank you for this reminder!

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