251- How to Get onto Grocery Store Shelves with Roger Sudnick of Good Measures Foods

Roger Sudnick of Good Measures FoodsRoger is founder and CEO of Good Measures Foods, a company that is improving scratch baking for today’s busy bakers.

Roger leveraged the experience he gained by leading triple digit growth for several start-up retail brands to launch Good Measures.

He has a passion for building businesses by developing winning strategies, overlaying a healthy dose of pragmatism and collaborating with excellent partners.

Roger enjoys biking, family and travel.

Personal mantra: “The measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you.”


  • Have focus groups to confirm that your product resonates with your target market.
  • It’s important to be receptive and ready to take action when the right opportunities appear.
  • The way to grow your business is through connections.
  • When building a team, define the responsibilities and divide them into roles. Then find the right people to fill those spots.
  • To get your products on a retailer’s shelf, be courageous and talk directly with the store manager.
  • To effectively market your product, identify a need that your product solves and speak to that. When there are other similar products, speak to meaningful points of differentiation.
  • The beginning of any product lifecycle is trial and awareness. a great way to raise awareness of your brand is through product demonstrations.








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