203 – [On Air Coaching] How to Select a Product Focus and Start Your Business with Jeanette Andersen

Jeanette Andersen

Jeanette Andersen is a passionate and multi-talented creator. She’s already the author of 5 books. But she also has skills in photography, a talent with designing soft goods products and is considering motivational speaking.

This is a common challenge for creative women. When it comes down to starting a business, there are so many options. How do you possibly choose? It becomes confusing and leads to lots of activity with little result because there’s just too much going on at one time. Additionally, customers are confused because they can’t clearly define what you do.

In our call, Jeanette narrows in on a product grouping that is cohesive and clear. We work through ideas for name recognition and branding. Now it’s time to test the market and we talk through next steps for this phase. Jeanette walks away with a focused plan that she’s excited about and dare I say, I think The Denim Blues is going to be a big hit!

Business Building Insights

  • Things change all the time. Be flexible.
  • If you have doubts just push them aside and do what your heart is set to.
  • Trying to focus on too much at once leads to confusion and lack of progress.
  • When you decide on a business name, make sure to get the domain and all social media platforms right away.
  • Make your booth a draw for people to come and look.
  • Don’t force what you’re selling. Ask customers if they have questions and then let them look around.

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