286 – 7 Specific Targets to Create a Confident Money Mindset as a Small Business Owner with Johnny McWilliams

Positive money mindset for small business with Johnny McWilliams of Zero In FinancialA lot of small business owners struggle to maintain a positive money mindset. And it’s become more and more obvious that mindset can make all the difference! That’s why Johnny McWilliams is here sharing 7 specific targets you can aim for to establish a positive money mindset for continued success in your product business.

Johnny is a Certified Ramsey Financial Coach, helping people with their relationship with money. After working in the areas of real estate, tax preparation, insurance, financial investing, and completing an MBA, he decided not to sell financial products.

He’s taking a different approach to money. Johnny’s passionate about providing practical, biblical principles to guide his clients as they Zero In on their financial target.

Through his blog, Zero In On This, Johnny writes about the 7 specific targets everyone needs to focus on. He teaches his readers to have a purposeful point-of-view when it comes to the financial resources they have the privilege to manage.

He believes that money is merely a tool used throughout the journey of pursuing one’s unique purpose.


  • Don’t think of your budget as a restriction. Rather it’s how you tell your money where to go.
  • Money principles give you a guide and a pattern instead of just spending willy nilly.
  • Dig dip and find what success is for YOU. Understand why you are in this business. Why are you doing this? Keep going until your why makes you cry. If it doesn’t, it’s not big enough.
  • Money is not directly tied to your why.  It is a tool you use for a specific purpose.
  • Give big without spending a penny. Sharing your time and talents to bless other people is a huge way to give.
  • Admit to yourself that you need help with money management and be willing to grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to help in any area of your life. Nobody can be an expert at everything.
  • Listen in to get more amazing biz-building insights around money!

7 Specifics Targets For A Positive Money Mindset

  • Target 1: Prayerfully plan
  • Target 2: Increase your inflow
  • Target 3: Optimize your outgo
  • Target 4: Demolish it
  • Target 5: Cancel credit and grow at the speed of cash
  • Target 6: Strategically save
  • Target 7: Generously give
  • Tune in to the full conversation for details about these targets – plus a ton more money mindset tips!

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