144 – From Law to Pottery Paradise with Scott Obernberger of Twice Baked Pottery

Scott Obernberger of Twice Baked Pottery

Scott started Twice Baked Pottery as a hobby business 8 years ago. At that time he was a criminal defense attorney practicing in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Three years ago, after practicing law for more than 18 years, Scott closed his practice due to stress-related health issues and became a full-time potter and merchant.

Twice Baked Pottery has its working studio and store in downtown Racine, WI.

In addition to production and running his store, Scott participates in approximately 40 juried art shows each year throughout the upper Midwest.

Twice Baked Pottery has come to be known for producing fun, functional pottery for everyday use.

The Twice Baked Pottery Story

A huge life alert initiated Scott’s change from law to pottery. [3:22]

Scott’s artisan interest came through a gift from a friend. [10:00]

The first steps to starting Twice Baked Pottery. [14:57]

A description of Scott’s search for his home and studio. [15:17]

Company name development. [17:59]

Scott’s pricing reality check is, “What would I pay for this?” [23:39]

Candle Flickering Moments

It’s all a matter of perspective. [35:22]

Business Building Insights

Advice for someone feeling stuck in their current day job. [7:26]

About courage versus fear and focusing on the goal. [8:26]

Failure happens. A lesson on mistakes. [9:21]

Join local groups for visibility. [19:07]

The difference between a hobby and a hobby business. [21:31]

A big productivity tip! [25:07]

The benefits of engaging kids. [26:46]

The best thing about having a small business. [36:31]

Marketing Materials/Strategies

The brochures for Twice Baked Pottery and the Downtown Racine District. [28:56]

The collaborative piece and how it was put together. [30:32]

An affordable print advertising strategy. [32:08]

Valuable Resource

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